About dbag.tech

About dbag.tech

Ryan Gravlin is currently employed as a Software Engineer III. Originally from Massachusetts, Ryan moved to Miami to experience the wonders of driving in Miami-Dade County.

This website is a working project to learn more about Ruby, CICD, and the insanity of an engineer (not myself). The goal is to have an almost free website that is backed by CICD automation that doesn’t use WordPress.

I use the Jekyll as a platform for the blog.

An interesting fact about me: I have lived in all of the following places.

  1. Bolton, MA
  2. Clinton, MA
  3. Naples, FL
  4. Lunenburg, MA
  5. Beverley, MA
  6. Leominster, MA
  7. Princeton, MA
  8. Boxborough, MA
  9. Maynard, MA
  10. Waltham, MA
  11. Lancaster, MA
  12. Fort Myers, FL
  13. Miami, FL

When you’re through changing, you’re through. - Bruce Barton