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A recent change in my life has required me to update my resume. As such I figured it would be a fun time to use what I’ve learned to create something for myself that I can use now and in the future. I’ve completed a couple of iterations and am comfortable where it’s at right now. I plan future revisions and features that will be completed as time permits.

Ryan Gravlin’s Terraform Resume Runner

It’s been great fun so far and I have learned quite a bit! A small list of tools I used:

  • Windows 10 Home (no native virtualization required me to use Vagrant instead of native Docker)
  • Vagrant (created Vagrant files to rapidly create local build and deployment enviroments)
  • VirtualBox (provider for Vagrant)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (used as base build image)
  • Microk8s (used for local testing)
  • Terraform (used for AWS resource creation)
  • Ruby using Sinatra framework and Thin webserver (used for application frontend)
  • RubyMine with remote interpreter (used for code quality)
  • LaTeX
  • AWS Resources (defined by Terraform)

You can activate the application by running the following command from a terminal:

$> curl -s

Remember that there is no guarantee what action will be run when you run the above command. The logic flips between apply and destroy after successful runs. Please run the command again to destroy the resources after you create them!

If you contact me with your hexadecimal namespace I can also tell you exactly how much your infrastructure cost me!

Please visit the GitHub link above to read the code and see upcoming features I plan!

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Over 25 years experience as a system operator.

Miami, FL