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It’s funny how little we realize when things happen over a long period of time.

Do you remember listening to the music you enjoyed as a kid, and then hearing what your parents listened to? It was awful. I’m not sure why we don’t like the music, some do, but I think for the most part it just sounds like old people music.

The music we listen to as kids and young adults is frowned on by adults for the most part. After some time, we become those adults and only enjoy what we already know. It’s not that we don’t hear new songs and enjoy them, but finding new music like you are able to when you are young seems much easier.

Where did I end up in this cluster fuck? I have come to like certain old people music, relative to my own timeline. The problem I face now is finding new music that moves me in the same way.

Is it because we lose our imagination and naivety as we get older, and can’t feel the music in the same way? The last new artist I really enjoyed was Rodrigo y Gabriela. What an amazing performance these people put on.

– UPDATE: I am removing the embedded video due to horrible things and crappy performance. Instead I will simply link to it.

Rodrigo y Gabriela- “Hanuman” OFFICIAL

Please enjoy. Maybe it will inspire you to find something new. I shall continue the search and post here if and when I find something worthy. I should really get around to enabling comments to get some feedback, though I don’t think anyone but me reads this shit.

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