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I’ve had to modify the theme a little bit, and this is an attempt (other than storing the diffs in Git) to document what I’ve changed and why.

  1. Disabled fade-in CSS
  2. Disabled word-wrap on syntax highlight code blocks

The reason for #1 is because it made loading the site seem delayed. The whole point of a static site is to load as fast as possible (for me at least). It upset me greatly that this feature was enabled and went against the purpose I was after for this blog. It was fairly straight forward to disable though, and after modifying _sass/_general.scss it loaded without the fade-in effects. Big money!

The reason for #2 should be obvious, and while the creator of the theme must understand programming in some way, it surprises me this was enabled by default. Basically when showing code blocks it would wrap lines, making single line text unreadable. The code blocks themselves looked ugly, and it needed to change. Thankfully someone had already been through this with Jekyll highlighting and it was easy to fix by adding a single line of CSS. I also needed to comment out a line as well, but it works great and functions exactly how I would want a code block to work. Success!

I feel like I should put the actual examples of the code I’ve disabled/added, but I’m tired and I really don’t want to look it up.

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